March 30, 2009

Travel Blog – Day 6

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Today we visited the San Antonio Zoo.  What a great day for a “zoo trip.”  The weather forecast called for a high of 83o F today.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The zoo here is very nice.  We spent most of our day there.  The girls absolutely loved the animals.  They’ve always been animal lovers, so I knew the zoo was a good pick.  The zoo was also the thing that gave us the most “bang for the buck!”  We rode the train around Breckenridge Park.  Karson was absolutely a doll again today, and Julianna was quite the little trooper.  She did a good job walking around the zoo.  When we finally got on the train, about 16:30, she fell asleep on the train ride!

I left the zoo long enough to take Charity to the airport for her flight home.  Shawna and the kids stayed there to make sure they could see everything there was to see.  Poor Charity – her flight was delayed, which made her sit at the airport in SAT for quite awhile and it also gave her a longer layover in Dallas!  I had done my best to get her a ticket that would get her to KCI as soon as possible!  My best plans failed.

Travis called Shawna this evening.  He was moved today to a different squadron.  He is now “stuck” with bunches of guys who are “held over” for some reason. He is what is called a “medic holdover.”  Today was a very rough day for him.  These guys that he is with are not supervised near as closely as they were before graduation.  This means, the language is much rougher and the environment is totally different.  We do need to continue praying for Travis and Charity.  The separation and her departure this weekend was very hard for both of them.

Tomorrow will be the last day of our trip!  What a bummer.  I don’t want it to end, but that is part of life.  We hope to visit the Alamo and the Rivercenter Mall before heading to the airport.  Our flight to KCI leaves SAT at 15:40 and we are scheduled to arrive at KCI by 19:50.  We do have about 1 ½ hours of layover in Dallas.

God has certainly been very good to us this past week.  I give Him all of the praise for His goodness to us!

Thanks to each of you who have prayed for Travis and our family.  Thanks also for those of you who have read our blog and sent us kind responses.  It is always a special treat for me to hear from others!

With love, Michael


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