March 29, 2009

Travel Blog – Day 5

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Today we went to church with Travis at the AFB.  They have 5 Protestant services every Sunday…identical service each time.  It takes that many services in order for all of the interested participants to have an opportunity to attend.  The Chaplain preached on the Family of Believers, using 1 Corinthians 12:12-26 as his text.  He made many comparisons between the body of Christ and the military.  The Chaplain preaches the same 8-9 week sermon series over and over for those in training.  The Sunday after graduation marks the last church service for the trainees.  Travis will now attend a different service in the future since he has graduated.

It was quite moving to look across a sea of service men and women…Shawna and I estimate 400-500 in this service that we were attending.  Most all of these men and women were dressed in their fatigues…many of them were lifting their hands in praise to God.  I’m very thankful that our US Military sees that there is still value in allowing our young men and women to worship God and have services on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Sunday is basically just about like any other day of the week on the base.  Travis said they did have a more relaxed schedule but there are still details that must be taken care of, even on Sunday.  We did see some flights out working on their drill routines today and marching around the base.

Following church, we ate dinner with Travis and Charity and spent the afternoon at the base hanging out with Travis until he had to go back to his squadron by 6 PM.  Saying goodbye to Travis was an emotional time for us.  We shed tears as we hugged him and told him bye.  At this time, Travis has no idea when he’ll be able to return to KC for a visit, nor when he’ll get to see Charity again.  We need keep both Travis and Charity in our prayers.

Travis told us today that he found out the very first week that he might not be able to continue a career with the Air Force.  So, for almost all of the 8 weeks of basic training he’s not known from one day to the next if he would be able to finish BMT or even continue once he graduated.  However, he continued with brute force, passionate about finishing and pursuing the military if it is God’s will.  I think that is commendable.  Obviously he is not a quitter!  Way to Go, Travis!

We are enjoying a relaxing evening at our motel.  Shawna and I are listening to Rev. Paul Gray preach from the Overland Park Church of God (Holiness).  We may listen to Pastor Paul Wolfe from Hobe Sound Bible Church later this evening.  Thank God for the internet and those churches who are using it for God’s glory!  It is sure a blessing for us to have access to these church services while we are on vacation.


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  1. I can relate to Travis’s situation. I broke my left wrist about 7 weeks before going to basic training. The Navy doctor had them take my cast off earlier than he should. By the third week of boot camp, I was in agony doing push-ups. They very nearly sent me home, but decided that, if I wanted to be there, I should be allowed to stay. I got about three days of light duty, a wrist brace and a bunch of ibuprofen. I still have some trouble with the wrist, but I was glad I got the chance to stay.

    Comment by sumpteretc — March 29, 2009 @ 9:20 pm | Reply

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