March 26, 2009

Travel Blog – Day 2

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Today we visited Lackland Air Force Base for the first day of graduation activities for Travis (my brother-in-law).  The weather presented some challenges for part of the day with thunderstorms and steady rain.  However, in spite of that, it was overall a very good day and very interesting to see the pride and precision with which the Airmen performed their various ceremonial duties.  I was very impressed.

Lackland AFB specializes in basic military training (BMT).  You can read an overview of each week’s activities here.  I’m very thankful that God calls some to serve in our military, but I’m very thankful He didn’t call me!  My hat is off to anyone who has, is, or will serve our country by being in the military.  After learning more about what Travis has gone through I have a brand-new level of respect for military personnel.

The graduation events we saw today were the Airmen’s Run and the Coin Ceremony.  Travis was unable to participate in the run due to his recent health challenges.  However, we got to see others run and at least we know what it is all about.  The Coin Ceremony marks the time when the trainees become official “Airmen.”  Following this ceremony Travis was an official member of the United States Air Force and he was able to see his wife Charity and his family for the first time in 8 weeks.  He was granted about 5 1/2 hours of Base Liberty which meant he was able to go anywhere on the Base.  We had a very good visit with him.  We are very proud of him and his accomplishments.

Our children have been excellent little travelers!  Shawna and I are so blessed to have such well-behaved, flexible, and cooperative children.  The evening turned out beautiful here deep in the heart of TexasTomorrow morning we will attend the Graduation Parade after which we will tour Travis’s squadron (dormitory) and he will have a Town Pass until 7:30 PM.  We hope to spend some time together in the San Antonio area tomorrow afternoon.

Today my mind kept going back to the little children’s song I’ve known all of my life:

I’m in the Lord’s army.  I’m in the Lord’s army.  I may never march in the infantry, ride o’er the Calvary, shoot the artillery – I may  never zoom o’er the enemy, but I’m in the Lord’s army!

What a privilege to serve in the GREATEST army that has ever existed!  We heard them say today that the USAF is the “most powerful air army in the world” (or something to that effect).  Well, the army in which I’ve enlisted with the Lord is absolutely THE most powerful army!  I’m blessed to be able to serve my God and be in His army.

I’m thankful for those who fight for our freedoms every day all around the world.  God has recently shown me in a new way the importance of fighting for religious freedoms and our rights as U.S. citizens.  Oh God, help me to be a faithful and disciplined member of Your army!



  1. Your post made me reminisce about September of 1993 when I graduated from Navy boot camp. It was a blessing to see my family again after 8 weeks of training. I wasn’t married at the time, so I didn’t have that challenge. It was, however, a stressful period and I was glad to see the tail end of it.

    Comment by sumpteretc — March 27, 2009 @ 12:36 am | Reply

  2. Enjoyed your blog.Glad you are having a nice trip. Thanks to the girls for calling and Michael. We haven’t heard from Shawna. I was thinking about calling her, I have a W.O.W. question, that could wait until you get home.Does she know what “elephant ears” are?I found some at the mall,but I ‘m not sure what they would be good for? Maybe a fall decoration? Was thinking about them for a door prize.

    Comment by almajeanwright — March 28, 2009 @ 9:23 pm | Reply

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