February 27, 2008

“Spoken words and unspoken thoughts”

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May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts be pleasing even to you, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer” (Psalm 19:4, TLB).

Today I read this Psalm as part of my personal devotional time.  By the way, I trust anyone reading this does take time to have personal devotions.  I regret that I cannot spend more time than I do spend, but one thing I know for sure, devotional time never disappoints me!

The last verse of Psalm 19 really makes you think…especially when read from the Living Bible paraphrase.  “Spoken words…unspoken thoughts” seems to encompass every part of our day that we are not sleeping.  Every human being is either thinking or speaking, right?

The Psalmist is asking God to help every part of his life be acceptable in His sight.  This is my prayer as well.  I never want to offend or hurt anyone with my words.  My desire is that even my thoughts would always be pleasing to God.

Pure thoughts will not come easily in a world that is full of filth.  However, God has promised to help those who diligently seek after Him.  I know that His grace will be sufficient, no matter what test or trial comes our direction.


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