January 14, 2008

God’s faithful protection!

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I don’t normally do too much to help my dear wife with homeschooling our daughters.  Oh, I’m very supportive of what she is doing and I want her to do it, but I’m not a “school teacher.”  Shawna is very good at what she does, so I willingly allow her to take care of this part of raising our family.There is however, one thing I’ve tried to do to help with home school and that is, Home Economics!  I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and Shawna says I’m a “good cook.”  I’m glad she thinks so, but whether or not I’m good doesn’t matter, I do enjoy it and it is something I can together with Luanna and Esther. 

This weekend Luanna wanted to fix something for breakfast on Saturday.  So, Friday evening she looked through a cook book and found a recipe for a coffee cake that you prepare the night before and keep it in the refrigerator until baking time.  She did a wonderful job along with Esther’s help, mixing the ingredients up and we safely slid the cake in the refrigerator, ready for baking Saturday morning.

When Saturday morning rolled around, Luanna put the cake in the oven and while it baked for 30 minutes the girls set the table and Esther and I worked on starting a crock pot full of vegetable soup for eating later in the day.  Shawna was having an unusually rough day with her “morning sickness” so she was in bed resting.  When the cake was done Luanna asked me to help her take it out of the oven so she would not burn herself.  I quickly grabbed the pan and placed right on the stove top on one of the burners.  Luanna came along and looked at her picture perfect coffee cake!  She was proud of it, and rightfully so.  She carefully cut it into pieces for serving, and then left the kitchen along with Esther and Julianna.  I was busy finishing up a couple of things and taking care of the boiled eggs I had just prepared. 

With my back to the oven, I started smelling what smelled like burning cake.  This puzzled me since we had removed it from the oven.  So, I turned around and looked and saw smoke rising from the middle of this beautiful coffee cake!  Immediately it dawned on me that I had placed that cake on the burner that I had used for boiling eggs.  The front burner had been left on and her cake was burning on the bottom.  I grabbed the pot holders and quickly moved the cake and set it over on the other side of the range on a cookie sheet, hoping to salvage this cake for breakfast.

As I was moving my hands away from the pan, the glass cookware EXPLODED and covered our kitchen with glass and hot cake!  I could feel the vibration of this explosion in my hand, that still had a glove on it.  Wow!  I was stunned. 

Immediately I looked around to make sure that all three girls were safe and not in the way.  It was at that moment that I realized they were all out of the kitchen.  Moments before one or more of them had been in there working!  Praise the Lord for his very timely protection.  Everyone escaped what could have been serious injuries from hot flying glass and cake! 

Shawna came running from the bedroom to see what had happened and helped with some clean up.  We all survived, but we did lose the cake and the pan.  Luanna made another cake which we baked later in the day.God used this to show me how much He cares for His children, and it brings to mind the words to a chorus we often sing at church:

God is helping His children.  God is showing He cares.  God is working in our behalf, God is answering prayer.  For He cares for His children – He never leaves us alone.  He always walks beside us, for He cares for His own.  God is helping His children.  God is showing He cares.  God is working in our behalf, God is answering prayer.


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