January 5, 2008

Are you trying to catch people?

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Luke 10b, in my Holman Christian Standard Bible reads, “Don’t be afraid,” Jesus told Simon. “From now on you will be catching people!” In the Living Bible this verse reads “you’ll be fishing for the souls of men.”

The following quote is taken from Turning Points Devotional:

“Pastor H. Edwin Young once explained the reason for the growth of his church in Houston, Texas. ‘Everything we do has a hook in it,’ he said. Their many activities, programs, ministries, and events are all designed to ‘catch’ people. And that’s biblical. Do you have any hooks in the water?”

When I read this devotional this morning, my heart was challenged. I thought about a man I know, David Hughes. David is an avid fisherman…I mean, he takes fishing very seriously. He knows where to go, when to go, and what to take with him in order to hopefully bring home a load of fish. I once was talking with David and he told me he hand makes all of his fishing lures! I would call him a serious fisherman.

I recall when I was a teenager going fishing with my Aunt Melba. She was also an avid fisherwoman. We would get up early on a Saturday morning and she would pick me up at my house and we would head out to Heritage Lake Park in south Overland Park, KS. Melba knew where to go to find the most fish. She also took with her certain kinds of bait and lures. Normally, we would return home with several nice fish. What I know for sure is this; it took effort and diligence for us to catch fish. I never remember seeing a fish jump out of the water and land in our five-gallon bucket that we carried the fish home in!

As Christians, I believe everything we do with other people should have a “hook” in it. Our “hooks” should not just be “salvation hooks” but rather hooks designed to encourage, strengthen, and challenge even other fellow believers. Certainly, we should be trying to catch unsaved people, but our focus should also be on other aspects of the Christian life.

What about your church? I’m sure your church has various services, events, and programs. Are these activities all designed with a “hook” like Pastor Young mentioned? I find that at my church, it doesn’t seem like much we do is done with a hook in it. We are more focused on thinking the fish are just going to jump out of the water and land in our bucket or our boat. I don’t think it has ever or will ever work that way.

May God help each of us to be avid fishers of men and do our best to “hook” others for the advancement of God’s Kingdom!


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