October 12, 2005

Is Your Anchor Holding?

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1Timothy 4:10 (HCSB) In fact, we labor and strive for this, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of everyone, especially of those who believe.

Hebrews 6:19 (HCSB) We have this hopelike a sure and firm anchor of the soul–that enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain.

Is your anchor holding fast and firm as you face the storms of life? If you are a Christian, you can be anchored fast because you “have this hope” in Christ Jesus.

Last Sunday at my church, we sang the song “My Anchor Holds.” The words of verse three are:

I can feel the anchor fast as I meet each sudden blast, and the cable, tho’ unseen, bears the heavy strain between. Thro’ the storm I safely ride, till the turning of the tide.

As we sang these words, it occurred to me that the only way we will know that our anchor is holding fast is for it to be tested. As the storms of life blow our direction, we can know that the anchor is holding fast. With the song writer, W. C. Martin, we can say:

And it holds, my anchor holds; blow your wildest, then, O gale, On my bark so small and frail. By His grace I shall not fail, for my anchor holds, my anchor holds.

We can be anchored in Jesus Christ…He will not fail us! I found this picture on the internet, it was actually inspired by a song sung by Ray Boltz, “The Anchor Holds.” This picture depicts what I’m writing about in a very nice way!

Thank God for the HOPE we have in Him!


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