December 22, 2004

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It is two days before Christmas. What does Christmas really mean to you?

In spite of my best efforts recently to teach my two daughters (ages 7, 3) what Christmas really means, here is what I found out two days ago.

My three year old daughter was with me in the van, just the two of us. I asked her, “What does Christmas really mean to you?” Her first response, “presents!” I said, “okay, that’s good, it is nice to give presents. But, what else does Christmas mean?”

Her next reply was, “Santa Claus!” Out of frustration I said, “No, whose birthday are we celebrating?”

She replied, “MINE!” I laughed and finally said, “Yes, but Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday!”

Now what makes this so cute is, her birthday really is on 12/25! So, we really are celebrating her birthday as well, but this demonstrates how hard it is to teach our children about the true meaning of Christmas.

Our society is so wrapped up in the gift giving, so caught up in all of the busyness of Christmas, that I fear many of our children are not learning of the true meaning.

Think about what Christmas really means to you. For me, Christmas is a celebration of the GREATEST GIFT ever given to mankind, the gift of a loving heavenly Father. Because of Jesus’ birth, all of mankind can have the promise of eternal life.

This is what Christmas means to me…what about you?


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